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TheHOUSE 2 () is a Flash horror point and click games created by SINTHAI Boonmaitree - SINTHAIstudio (THAILAND). In The House 2 Explore a very scary house that has been left alone for decades because stories tell that their are poltergeists in this house. The original family. The Horror House awaits you! Will you dare to enter? Find out what happened with the inhabitants of this house. Play the game and be scared!. Not the only one, but you're definitely in the minority according to the ratings on this game. Dshower that has the curtains slide open quickly, a bible, and the toilet. Check us back often! I opened it, and the piano music started, and I couldn't go in. It was quite common for families to kill disabled children in that time period. OK so I am getting NO WHERE Scared What do i do?? I started playing it after my friends two boys were watching the walkthrough. So her father poisoned her to put her out of her misery. Outlook Web App Deutsch. The House 2 Walkthrough Youtube Video: Versuche es noch einmal! Ask me for help to scare the shit out of people when making The house 3 ok? Toggle navigation The House 2. There seems to be some confusion about the Special Room Key. Unsere Empfehlung England Soccer League. I would like to get past the photo and the note. More annoying all you do is repeatedly click the same objects. Ein klarer Tipp für alle Horror-Fans. The music box, teddy bear, and Adoption Certificate, then eventually three notes will pop up and a picture in the dresser. Herzlich willkommen auf Spielen. My Character is supposed to be a weedle! Very nice game, but like some others said its kind of ruined by needing to click the same things over and. Is it just me or is the plot more believable than the first game? Don't have an account yet? the hose 2 Instead everything is built around sucking you in and making everything else cease to exist. Although it's annoying to repeatedly click items to get anything to happen, the scares come when your guard is completely down. I hate that music! I have no idea if it happened because of me, or if I am supposed to just sit back and wait. Still not as scary as Exmortis. NOTHING IS STILL HAPPENING!

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The hose 2 Nothing is quite as stupid as flipping to JIG right before bed and saying, "Oh, cool, a scary game. It kind of gives the feeling of you kow something is gonna happen, especially the last scene. The code is the birthday on the certificate in the workroom. You had to remember ONE THING. The game is spiei in your favorites! Gameplay gets a big fat zero. All of the ghosts look like the Grudge. You know the one.
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Your Favorite Games edit add. Setting aside the ghost part, it could be true. This isn't scary at all. I'm truelly suprised that there is dead bodies inside bathroom and blood is flowing through the tap. Rose, This is what the story of the house 2 is about.




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